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Personal Branding Model

BrandyMe Personal Branding Model is created by transferring content, methods, tools and strategies from Personal Branding Guru William Arruda's most valid and Certified "Personal Branding Strategist", "Digital Branding Strategist" and "360Reach Analyst" Programs and combining it with performance coaching techniques

by İrem Sefa Yayımlar.


BrandyMe Personal Branding Model is designed for women who want to create their personal brand in business life demonstrating their unique value and leadership, to stand out with their unique strengths, to reach wider audience to make a difference as well as to be more visible, seen and heard in each aspect of life.


To become a 'magnetic brand' in business life, it is ensured that you need to first realize and overcome the obstacles you put on yourself through performance coaching. Because the biggest obstacle to become a 'magnetic brand' in your industry is not knowing how to use social media or be popular, but how you perceive yourself and how you express who you are.

In the next phase, the 'unique value', expertise and strengths are uncovered with strategic personal brand management tools. Your super power is highlighted in a way that it differentiates you from all other people in the same industry.


Thus, revealing the unique value, leadership and super power, influential personal brands with high visibility, impact and awareness are created.


brandyMe Personal Branding Process:


1. Personal Brand Discovery:

Goal Setting & Clarity


In the first stage, personal brand discovery starts with a personal brand research survey and your personal brand perception analysis which is made in your environment and sector. Your image of yourself, your desired image of yourself versus your image of others by category are analysed. Your personal brand strategy is prepared in line with these results. Then there is the discovery of your personal brand, in line with your expertise, personal goals, values ​​and talents through tests, assesments, coaching and strategy sessions. Discovering your personal brand gives you clarity on your unique strengths, career goals, and areas of focus.



2. Personal Brand Building:

Differentiation & Focus


In the second stage, your personal brand identity is created by building your brand story, mission, vision, promise and unique value proposition on the personal brand you have discovered. This forms the basis of your personal brand strategy to help you stand out from the competition, stand out and focus on your super power and uniqueness that differentiate you from others.


3. Personal Brand Communication:

Communication Strategy & Network Management


In the third stage, the communication strategy of your personal brand is created to increase your visibility, awareness and impact. In order to reach the target audience in the most effective way, your communication & content strategy is determined and necessary updates are made in your online communication tools. Collaboration opportunities with other people and communities are developed with key people in your network. At this stage, brand perception in online media is checked with social media auditing and personal image testing.


4. Personal Brand Sustainability:

Personal Brand Plan & Relaunch Project


In the final stage, you will create a long-term personal brand plan with KPI's to ensure the sustainability of your personal brand demonstrating your unique value, leadership and expertise in your industry. You will relaunch your brand to sustain long-term collaboration plans with key people and communities and you will be effectively managing your personal brand.

If you are a passionate woman in business who wants to be 'magnetic brand' with more visibility and recognition to make a difference for more people, this can only be possible with personal branding.


brandyMe Personal Branding process includes weekly online meetings, performance coaching, tests, assessments, exercises and strategy sessions.

At the end of the process;

  • You will have the clarity and focus on your personal brand promise demonstrating your leadership.

  • You will be clear about your strategic positioning, where you will be different from your competitors in your industry.

  • You will create your communication strategy to increase your visibility and awareness to reach your target audience.

  • You will manage your network effectively so that you increase your reputation.

  • You become someone who can manage your own personal brand professionally.

  • You will know who you are and how you are unique in the world. You will express your uniqueness in your authentic self-expression.



We offer 3 types of 1-1 Personal Brand Consulting service packages:

4-week, 8-week or 12-week consultancy packages, depending on your needs.

You can book your free discovery call to see which Personal Brand Service package fits you best.

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personal branding for women

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